Commissions are currently open

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Base price

One girl, background, props

60 €

Extra character

40 €

Won't do

Vore Male on male Furry Bestiality Scat Hardcore

Not my thing

Multiplier Violence x1.5 Pregnancy x2 Guro x2.5 Futa x3


Cum 10 € Piss 15 € X-Ray 15 €

Due to their complexity, commissions over 3 characters must be discussed with me and will be priced accordingly

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Psst... If you're too lazy to calculate the price, check the desktop version for a calculator that'll do it for you

Custom props and clothing are charged at my discretion

Transactions are done upfront via PayPal


I only make artworks that I would want to see. Thus, I reserve myself the right to turn down a commission for any reason that I see fit, be it before or during the making of it.
In case of the latter, you will get a full refund.