Commissions are currently open

Base price


One female character
A background
Props, unless too specific


Extra female


Extra male



Each individual occurence will be charged

Cum $5 Piss $10 X-Ray $10 Extra angle$5 4K Render$5

Not my thing

Multiplier applies after extras

Multiplier Violence x1.5 Pregnancy x2 Guro x2.5 Futa x3

Won't do

Vore Male on male Furry/bestiality Scat Hardcore

Custom props and clothing are charged at my discretion

Transactions are done upfront via PayPal

Not sure how much your commission would be?

Due to their complexity, commissions over 3 characters must be discussed with me in advance and will be priced accordingly

Number of females

Number of males

How many?

N° of streams

How many?

How many?


Including 0 of PayPal Goods and Services


I only make artworks that I would want to see. Thus, I reserve myself the right to turn down a commission for any reason that I see fit, be it before or during the making of it.
In case of the latter, you will get a full refund.